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Backyard Specialty Coffee Roasters started when Asher bought his first green coffee beans from Kakulas Brother's in early 2010. After consulting the google he roasted his first batch in a popcorn maker. Soon after he showed his friends the amazing taste of freshly roasted coffee he transitioned to roasting in hs home-constructed 'Corretto'.

Fast forward to 2012 when Asher & Jaye purchased a 10Kg Toper roaster with their good friends Luke & Bek Bates (of Grand Central Premium Coffee). Since then they have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of sourcing quality organically grown green beans, finding out about the challenges of ethically sourced coffee and the complex balance of science and art of roast profiling.




Backyard Coffee represents both the origins of roasting in the back shed, as well as the focus that they have on sourcing and investing in coffee from their 'backyard' - that is South East Asian and Pacific coffee. Backyard also works under three main core values:

Care for the earth - Thye look to find ways of becoming a business that is operating sustainably. This means sourcing organically grown beans to encourage farmers to use farming methods that are looking after local ecological systems. Backyard Coffee also uses compostable or recyclable packaging to encourage more renewable resource use, as compared to petroleum based plastic products. They have also recently begun liaising with local renewable energy companies as well as Murdoch University to find new ways of making the coffee industry more sustainable.


Care for people - This standard could be considered the core ethic of Backyard Coffee. They believe and try to practice 'loving their neighbours as themselves' wherever possible. This means that Backyard Coffee sources and purchases beans that are significantly more expensive so that farmers recieve reasonable wages. This has proven a huge challenge in regards to the chain of people who are a part of complex economic systems. Backyard has been working with importers such as Phoenix Green Bean Coffee, MTC Australia and La Jacoba Asprounion to continue to find better ways of making this happen. They have also been liaising with members of the Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand to try to find new models of trade that can encourage more ethical standards. Lastly, Backyard Coffee donates $1 for every kilogram they sell to TEAR Australia to support aid and development work throughout coffee growing regions around the world.


Care for quality - Apart from the obvious quality control that comes from sourcing organically grown beans, Backyard employs a variety of quality standards to ensure the best quality coffee is produced for final consumption. Firstly Backyard sources coffee that scores 80+ in cupping standards, meaning it is well produced from growing, harvesting, processing and packaging before it is even roasted. Once beans have been sourced they are sample roasted, cupped and then profiled to display each coffee's unique qualities. This profiling is done using Artisan profiling, following Scott Rao's roasting methodology, which is ultimately quantified by taste. Backyard also practices rigorous testing using refractometry to ensure their roasting is producing well developed beans without over roasting. Finally, when their customers recieve the beans, Backyard ensures only freshly roasted beans are used, and that adequate training has been offered to make quality more achievable and consistently produced.

If you want to find out more about Backyard Specialty Coffee Roasters, feel free to contact them directly or visit them at the roasting warehouse in Bibra Lake, Western Australia.


Contact us via email enquiries@backyardcoffee.com.au or call Asher on 0403 943 639. 

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