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Cafe Supply & Solutions



At Backyard Coffee we love to partner with cafes who want to be excellent in hospitality. We know that running a cafe is hard work, in financial stability, staff training, access to quality produce, the constantly changing market, and keeping consistent service standards. Let us make it easier for you. Finding the right supplier and right level of support is crucial. Whether you are starting a new cafe, or need a change, we can help you with everything from barista training to branding.


As a specialty coffee roastery we believe there is enough variety of coffee for every cafe to have something unique. We would love to develop a blend that suits your cafe. Book a meeting at our roastery or have us come to your cafe to run a tasting and development session.



At Backyard Coffee we believe that specialty coffee requires the right machinery for excellence. We work with a variety of brands to find affordable, efficient and user friendly options. We offer machinery to clients that suits the style, space and production of the unique cafes. If you need espresso machines, grinders, crockery, coffee accessories, and all the little extras you need to run a great cafe, we can help you out. 

You may also be interested in customised machinery. We have had experience in working alongside local artisans and machinery specialists to create unique one of a kind machinery. If this is something you are interested in we would love to work with you on a design that suits your cafe!


We offer our comprehensive barista training here at our training facility. In this we take baristas through the roasting process, crop to cup process, and cupping sessions as a part of this training. If you are unable to bring your team to our training facility, our fantastic trainers can come to you! We see training as an ongoing process, and encourage baristas to attend training and education classes regularly.


Cafes not only need high quality machinery, but also technical support. We utilise local professionals with brand specific experience. We support cafe owners with same day service from simple solutions like resetting doserless grinders, to emergency machine replacement. Our technical support ranges from our own technicians, Leaf Bean Machine & Espresso Works. 

If you are interested in serving Backyard Specialty Coffee at your cafe, please contact one of our people:

Asher: 0403 943 639.

Jaye: 0403 141 811.




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